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4 Types of Contract Breaches

Breach of Contract LawyersWhen two individuals or businesses agree to certain terms, a contract is written up and signed by both parties. Since this is a legally binding document and it must be upheld. When someone does not hold up their end of the deal it is called breach of contract. Listed below are the different types of contract breaches.

Minor Breach- This type of breach gets its name when a minor part of the contract is not completed. This breach is small and will not interfere with finishing the rest of the contract.

Material Breach- When one party fails to complete a major part of the contract and prevents it from being finished.

Actual Breach- The non-breaching party is allowed to sue for damages when the other party does not complete their part.

Anticipatory Breach- When one of the parties states ahead of time that they will not complete their part of the contract, this is known as an anticipatory breach because the other party anticipates them not to follow through.

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