Opening a Medical Cannabis Dispensary: What You Need to Know

opening a medical cannabis dispensaryIn early August 2013, the state of Illinois passed the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Act. This allowed patients who have debilitating conditions and diseases to sign up with the Department of Public Health to use marijuana for medical purposes. If you’re thinking about opening a dispensary in the Chicago Land, IL area and are looking for details on this process, we’ve put together the important facts what you need to know before going into the medical cannabis industry.

Know your surroundings – If you have a potential dispensary location in mind, it needs to fall within certain guidelines. This includes not being within 2,500 feet of a pre-school, residential area, elementary school, and other noted facilities in the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Center Application. Consulting with a cannabis lawyer before looking for potential dispensary properties is crucial, as they are aware of all zoning guidelines and location map limitations.

Staffing guidelines– In order to apply to open your own medical marijuana dispensary with the state of Illinois, you need to have strict staffing guidelines in place before it’s approved. An employee handbook detailing business hours, production, sanitation, and theft prevention needs to be presented along with the application to the state. This also should include what criteria dispensary employees are hired on and what type of scheduling will be in place for the staff.

If you’re looking for a cannabis lawyer who can help to consult you through your medical marijuana dispensary application process, turn to our knowledgeable attorneys at McQueeney and McQueeney LLC today.